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Teinturier for the Season – 3 Pack


Explore our Tenturier varietal Saperavi this season!  Tenturier varietals are grapes that have both pigmented skin and flesh!  The versatility of this varietal and its range of possibilities is exciting. From dry rose all the way to robust reds with tannin and weight. We hope to stay true to the bold and enticing red wines that have been emblematic of Standing Stone Saperavi over the years while trying new concepts, like the very popular Teinturier Dry Rose.

About Rose: The first is a fresh and exuberant Dry Rosé that boasts a beautiful complexion and vibrant palate. True to the “teinturier” name, a wine term used for grape varieties that have pigmented pulp, no skin-contact was needed to provide this wine’s impressive color and structure.  This wine packs a punch–with power and richness on the palate, balanced with notes of blackberry and plum.

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Pack includes: Brand new release 2019 Barrel Select Tenturier Saperavi, 2019 Teinturier Saperavi & 2019 Teinturier Dry Rose

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