Site & Estate

Explore our 46 acres of vineyards through the interactive map below.

Estate-grown Varietals


The oldest plantings on the Standing Stone site, these vines date back to the original plantings by Charles Fournier and Guy Devaux in 1972.


After planting two experimental rows in 1994, Standing Stone Vineyards is now home to the largest planting of Saperavi outside of the Republic of Georgia, at over six acres.


Fournier and Devaux returned to the site in 1974, planting over eight acres of Chardonnay, with the intention of using the fruit for sparkling wine.


In an exploration of which red varietals would successfully grow in the Finger Lakes, the Macinskis planted more than two acres of Cabernet Sauvignon on the site in the mid-1990s.


One of the classic varietals of this estate, the specific site selection of these vines help to ripen and protect this delicate varietal through the winter.


Used for blending and to provide counterbalance in our wine, Merlot was among the first plantings by the Macinskis when they founded Standing Stone Vineyards in the early 1990s.


Planted in 1994, these were the first plantings made by Tom and Martha Macinski after they purchased the site from Gold Seal Winery in the early 1990s.


At just over a half-acre, our Petit Verdot is planted in close proximity to the lake, creating conditions which allow impressive ripening of this Bordeaux varietal.